Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sometimes you have to face your fears, or they haunt you until you do.  Friday night, I had nightmares about quilting.  I have all the needed materials to do paper piecing, but hadn't gotten around to trying it yet, and I dreamed (I swear it was all night!) about how badly I was messing it up and how I couldn't get it right.  So.....Saturday morning, while it was just Alli and I up, I got out my quilting stuff and started figuring out what 'paper piecing' is all about.  Everyone told me it was easy, but after my nightmares of messing everything up, I was surprised that it really was easy!

Just sew on the dotted lines....

And then cut on the solid lines....

And you have 20 of these:

I have no idea what I'm gong to do with 20 of them, but....I paper pieced!!!

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