Tuesday, January 07, 2014

So much for 'back into the routine'.  Last night, I set my alarm clock for 5:00 a.m., but forgot to turn it on.  Luckily, I woke up at 5:30 - the time I've been getting up during Christmas Break - but....that isn't much time to get up, get dressed (at least presentable enough to walk Alli to the bus), get the dogs/cats/birds fed, start the fire, fix Alli's lunch/backpack, get Alli up, showered/dressed, fix breakfast, brush her teeth and get her on the bus at 6:10. Whew!  I did it, but there was no time for my first cup of coffee anywhere in there!  Tomorrow will be better - if nothing else because Alli has a dentist appointment in the morning, and won't be getting on the bus - I have plenty of time to get up tomorrow.

I was showing off my quilt top yesterday at work, when I realized a terrible thing.......I have 5 of the 12 green and white quilt blocks turned wrong.  The pattern is so 'busy' I didn't realize it, but now that I've seen it (and I assume you will go look at it now, too) it is obvious.  It is obvious enough that I will have to rip everything out and start it over again.  Bummer.  All I can say is that next weekend, I get more material to start a whole new quilt, which will be completely different than what I've done so far.

My quilting club was 'Thimbleberries', which was based on fabric and books produced by one company, which has since gone out of business, so the club did too.  A new club took it's place, and this year, the club is doing just one quilt in the year, rather than 4 quilts.  I have a feeling that the quilt blocks will be a bit more complicated.  (And you can see that I had problems with the ones that I just tried to do!)  It could be an interesting year!  Oh well - they don't kick you out if you don't finish anything, so I'll be good.  It is a nice social hour for me at least - full of quilt-envy though - most of the women there are very accomplished quilters.

On the up side of things - my Amaryllis plants are turning green!  They aren't growing new leaves to replace the ones that were damaged, but the flower stem is looking good.

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