Friday, May 24, 2013

So.....did you feel the earthquake?  I thought it was just me (or maybe one too many glasses of wine??)  Ralph didn't feel it, and the dogs didn't react, so...I thought I was just having a dizzy spell.  (I really hadn't had that much wine, I swear!)  Mom called a few minutes later - a 5.7 (or 5.9 - I've heard both) earthquake hit outside of Greenville.  It was evidently felt all over northern California.  Boy, did Facebook light up!!  I did find out that a classmate is living in Shingletown - I thought she was in the Bay Area - what a shock!   I have a co-worker that is in San Francisco for a conference.  He was actually talking to his wife in Redding when the quake hits.  It figures, he said - I'm in San Fran, and YOU get the earthquake!  My brother Dave said that things were falling off the shelves at the store in Susanville.  Luckily, no injuries or damage.

I'm off work today - at least the paid labor type.  I have a list a mile long of things to do this weekend, so I'm still working, the paycheck is just a lot less for chores.  I probably won't get most of them done, but....I always have high hopes!  Some of the things on my list are even fun things - I want to get some of my quilt finished, and I want to finish up all the projects for the baby shower this week.  I have yet to weave all those ends in on the baby dragon afghan.  That HAS to be done by Thursday at 5:00!!!  I did pick up some 'paint' to color the elastic on the bag cover that I made.  I tried it out last night, along with some of the paint I had here already.  Not too bad - I think it will be better than the white elastic at least.

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