Monday, May 20, 2013

Nice trip to Susanville - the weather was pretty nice - the usual - windy and cooler than I'm used to.  It rained on me on the way over, and then rained on us when we were getting out of the car at Star.  Nothing like wearing a full length white formal in the rain!  (And, getting Alli out of the car, getting the bags of goodies out for Alli, etc.  There is no 'hurry' with that girl!!)  It was 35 degrees on Sunday morning when I looked at the thermometer, and the sun had been up for a while by then.  Brrr.  It wasn't really warm in Redding either, but the last week of 90+ temps had me already adjusted for summer.

Mom has spent the last two weeks cleaning out her flower beds - pulling grass and weeds out of the.  They look so pretty!!

I finally got out to get some pictures of my garden after I got in from Susanville yesterday.  I have an eggplant!!!  Pretty cool - I've never seen one growing before.  This is the Japanese Eggplant - long and thin, rather than oblong.

It is a beautiful plant:

My entourage - they spend a whole lot of time trying to get me to play with the toy, then they give up, and go play by themselves.  Kids!

My yellow squash/zucchini:

My peppers are blooming - and I even have a little jalapeno pepper started!

My second batch of roses are blooming - this is the one that the ladybugs were on in a prior post.

I finished up my bookmarks for the book club yesterday.  Not too bad!  I started using a variegate yellow/orange thread for the middle of the flame, and I really like how it turned out.

I had a helper, too (I was working on baby booties by this time) but he is too big for my lap - what's a kitten to do???  (and you know it isn't "loose weight"!)

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