Monday, February 28, 2011

Ralph had a meeting in Sacramento last week, and he brought home a very cute 'reward'. His boss made up a large "R" and decorated it. It has 'Ralph' down one leg of the R, 'firefighter' and 'Hero' on it, and 'Mr. Fix-it' on it - too cute!

Back to work today. I don't feel like I got a lot done over the weekend, but I did get a lot of crafting done. I finished the afghan, made another flower scarf, and made most of the stuffed giraffe toy to go along with the afghan. The problem with just doing my crafts is that I see all the housework I didn't get done. Oh well, it will still be there tomorrow, I'm sure! Another problem to getting things done around the house is AJ's DS. He gave me his old hand-held computer game system, and found a game for me - Brain Games. I now have Suduko at my fingertips - bad idea! One more thing to do beside clean! (Like I needed an excuse!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pictures! I took some pictures of the finished afghan!

The back side - not too bad!

The front

The baby

The Mom

We have been invaded by robins! I don't remember ever seeing this many birds at one time before. There are flocks and flocks of them in the neighborhood. These are just a few of them - the picture is taken from inside (and I really need to wash my windows) but if I went outside, they flew away. They are in the front yard and the back yard, the neighbor's yard - everywhere!

And....I finished my afghan last night! It was to late to take pictures of it, so I will get some today with some good lighting, I hope! I am so happy it is done! I love it, but....I forgot how long it takes to finish it, and started it too late. Next time, if there is one, I will start sooner!

Yesterday was a fun and busy day. I went to the All About Women's Fair in Anderson, and made tri-tip sandwiches for a few hours. The Scouts usually head up a booth selling donuts and coffee in the morning, and sandwiches at lunch. The scouts were all up playing in the snow yesterday (the Klondike - a regional competition of snow activities was at Eskimo Hill yesterday) so there were just three adults and two scouts there - not nearly enough! Two of the adults (me included) don't have scouts anymore, we were there because we are adult leaders, and there was no one else to do it. It was busy, but fun, We sold somewhere around 120 sandwiches in a little over an hour, I think. Two adult leaders were out BBQing the tri-tip, and the scouts ran around the vendors (around 85 of them) and took orders, since they can't leave their booths, and then lunch for the people just visiting the Fair. I walked around the Fair after I finished serving lunch, and there was a lot there - but I kept my wallet closed and escaped without adding to my jewelry collection - amazing!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

No snow at my house, but I think everyone around us got it. Mom had 18 more inches added, and a girlfriend by Reno got two feet (added to what she already had!) I think I'm loving Redding - at least until this summer, when we get over 110!

I was looking forward to a nice quiet weekend, and I got a call last night from scouts - they need me to work at a fund raiser today. Bummer! Oh well, it isn't for a long time, it just takes a chunk of time out of the middle of the day (10:30 - 2:30) and means I have to get started moving early today if I want to get everything done before I go. I would much rather laze around, but...if I want to miss the crowds at Walmart and the grocery store (I hate shopping there in the afternoons!) I have to get both Alli and I showered and fed and out the door soon. I had other plans for that time frame too, but...I'll help the scouts out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still no afghan! I got the clouds done, and one sewn on - just one left to sew on and the fringe to put on! Yesterday was the perfect day to finish, except....AJ's heart was acting up and his chest hurt and he said he was having a harder time breathing than normal. Not good! A quick call to the doctor's got him in early-ish in the day (10:45) and it turned out to (probably) not be his heart at all, but inflammation of the connective tissue of his ribs - possibly caused by his virus from last week. Whew! It ate up some time in my day, but I was glad to hear it wasn't anything serious. Some ibuprofen for a few days, and he should be fine. He even went for a walk with me yesterday afternoon - though we didn't walk very fast.

The road that we walk on has an area of deep tire ruts. You can't see them in the water, but it is deep enough that Koori is in over her head, and even Jasper has to swim a bit.

Frog eggs in a puddle - we are going to be hearing a lot of frogs!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Still no afghan done! I way underestimated the time needed to finish it. I got the giraffes put together and their spots on, and that took several hours. I'm ready to sew them on now, and then make the clouds and sew them on. Maybe today? I sure hope so - the baby will be a year old pretty soon! (Yes, I'm exaggerating - but he is almost one month old - time is flying!) I thought the worst part was making the afghan, but it turns out it is sewing everything on! It will be worth it though - it is so cute!

I have today off for President's Day, and no big plans. I had plans, is raining (again!) I'm not too disappointed though - my plans included spraying for weeds around the house - not something I was looking forward to, but something that needs to happen and soon. Ralph mixed up the weedkiller last night for me, and I was going to spray today, but this morning it was raining. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so...I guess I'll be spraying on Tuesday! Not only do I need to spray for weeds, I need to get my garden area going too. I was really hoping for some pretty weather this weekend! I guess I will be stuck inside re-organizing and cleaning something. I've actually done pretty good this weekend - I've cleaned up a few areas that needed some attention - cupboards, crafting areas, etc. My closet is on the list for today.

Yesterday morning was sunny but cold, and then the clouds came in and it was cloudy and cold! The dogs and I took another walk, and we could almost cross the creek. Maybe today? It depends on how much rain we actually are getting, I suppose. The dogs don't mind the short walk, since they get to play in the water longer, but I would like to get a good long walk in. That was tentatively on my schedule for Tuesday - a walk up on the River Trail, but it looks like I will be spraying instead.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We have clear skies and cold temps here today - it is 28 degrees at 7:30 - cold for Redding! I checked the cameras, and the roads are clear to Susanville, but they are covered in ice! I then checked the weather forecast, and more snow is expected tonight in Susanville, so - once again - my trip to Susanville isn't going to happen. I guess that means more cleaning and crafts around here! (Probably more crafts than cleaning!)

I worked on the afghan yesterday, and got the tree sewn down, and most of the leaves attached. My next step is putting the spots on the giraffes and sewing them down, and then making the clouds and sewing them down. That should be done today - then I will be done with it. I should never have started any other projects while I was working on this one - that would have made me finish it sooner!

I took a walk with the dogs yesterday - which is why I didn't get all the leaves sewn down. (Someone mentioned going for a walk before I was ready, and Koori was whining so loud I had to quit sewing and take her for a walk. They have now learned to spell!) It was cold and windy, but so nice to be outside after all the rain and snow.

We couldn't walk our normal amount because we can't cross the creek right now. Usually, we get a nice long walk. We had to settle for a short walk, and a long time playing in the water. I have no idea how they can keep jumping in that water - it is cold! I know the Labs are bred for cold water, but Koori is a cow dog, not a Labrador - she should have more sense!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just checked the traffic cameras, and I don't think I'm going to Susanville today! Shingletown still isn't plowed, much less the really snowy parts. Bogard doesn't look like anyone has driven by all night. Maybe later in the weekend?? We'll see! I guess that means I'll be spending my weekend cleaning and organizing - I'd rather go to Susanville!

AJ seems to be recovering from his latest cold/flu battle. He was still throwing up occasionally Thursday night, but seemed much better yesterday. He actually ate dinner instead of chicken soup (Campbell's chicken soup is the only thing he wants to eat when he's sick!) He didn't eat a lot, but he ate some at least. I'm hoping no one else gets it! Ralph is very susceptible to germs.

I sold another scarf yesterday! We had a casual day at work, and I wore my black button scarf, and got an order for one just like it, only with silver buttons, or maybe crystal buttons, or..... I told her I would make the scarf, and bring in samples of buttons so she could choose which ones she wanted. Someone else was wearing a flower scarf that I had made, and I have to admit - it looked good!

My yarn addiction was even put to good use at the bank! We had a dress down day because they were having an 'internal celebration' and they had balloons and snacks, etc. set up. One of the balloon bundles drifted away during our 'celebration' and was floating up on the ceiling. The problem - we have very sensitive motion detectors at the bank - the balloons would set it off when they ran out of helium and started sinking - which of course would probably be somewhere in the middle of the night! One of the guys borrowed a ball of cotton yarn from my stash in the car and tossed it between the balloon strings to bring it down. It wouldn't have worked if it wasn't a bunch of balloons, but he managed to bring it down on the first try! He was comical to watch as he tried to roll the yarn back up after retrieving the balloons. I now need to re-wind the whole ball, but at least I'm not getting the call at 3:00 a.m. to respond to the alarm at the bank!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes, I am re-thinking my trip to Susanville. I had an inch of snow on my car at work when I went to go home yesterday. The forecast on had up to 8 inches in the foothills last night. I don't think I want to drive through that - just for a visit!

You know how when you have something to do that you don't want to do, you can find all sorts of things to do instead? I made two flower scarves yesterday, instead of working on the afghan. I had lots of excuses - I have to put it on the table right now to work on it, since I am sewing the part and pieces on, and someone else was using the table, the light isn't very good in there, I can't hear the TV from there unless I have it on too loud, etc. Oh well, maybe this weekend will get it finished! At least I did get two scarves finished - one already sold, and one for a gift.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Once again, AJ is home sick. It sounds like flu symptoms, but I'm not sure. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. He was feeling better last night, so we will see how he is doing this morning.

I have a 4 day weekend coming up, and I was thinking about heading up to Susanville for a couple of days, but...the weather may not cooperate. Yesterday, the weather predicted partly cloudy skies Saturday and Sunday, now it is showing rain/snow for Saturday. I guess I'll have to make that decision when I find out what the weather really is going to be!

I picked up my other basket I won at the Music Boosters raffle. It was filled with pretzels, chips, jerky, almonds and beer - a pretty good basket too, I would say! Most of that went to work with Ralph - but I'm keeping the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for myself!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I got the basket from the Music Boosters at U-Prep, I didn't know it came with a kitty basket too! Every time I turn around, there is a different cat sleeping in it. I hadn't quite decided what to do with it. but I think it has been decided for me. Now I just need to figure out where to put it. Leaving it on the table isn't the best solution for me, but it seems to be working for the cats.

I did my first solo bead work last night using the techniques I learned in my class. I am pretty happy with my bracelet and earrings. I had been trying to use the purple beads in a bracelet, but I just couldn't find the right beads to work with them. I think this worked out very nicely!

Since I really should have been working on some crochet items I need to finish, I may have to rein myself in and force myself to finish a couple of projects. I really need to sit down and finish the baby afghan I have started, and I have another order for a flower scarf. I should have been working on those instead of the jewelry, but....aren't they pretty??? Maybe I need to start taking requests for jewelry, too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Koori is doing much better - she is wagging her tail and everything! Now, I'm not saying she is wagging it as much as normal, but she no longer has it tucked between her legs all the time. She is feeling much better!

The beading class was fun - four of us from work and a mother-in-law of one of them all made a bracelet and earrings bead set. The instructor showed what I wanted - the techniques to step it up a notch. I've done some beading, and am ready to try some more! Unfortunately, I sat down last night and dumped half a box of small beads on the floor and spent my evening cleaning up instead of beading! I didn't like how my bracelet turned out, so I unstrung everything anyway. Maybe another day??

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Chili Cookoff at work, and once again, I didn't win. I did have a great lunch though! We had eight chilies entered, and lots of side dishes (cornbread, salad, dessert) and I was stuffed. Just taste testing the eight chilies was probably enough (because you just had to try that one one more time!) Most of my chili was eaten at least! I may not have won, but people liked it enough to have more than just a taste! The same two people took first and second this year as last, so we are thinking of changing the rules a bit - the winners get to be the judges next time! We don't want people to get discouraged and not enter. One of the winners actually is a competitor in the regional cookoffs around town, and has very good chili!

Ralph gave me a beautiful ruby necklace for Valentine's Day. and a couple of cute cards. I told him I wasn't getting him a present, but I did try a new recipe just for him. I made steak and shrimp scampi for dinner, and a flourless chocolate cake for dessert. The dinner was good, but the dessert had issues. I think the recipe was printed wrong. It was supposed to bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes, and it was still raw! I put it back in the oven at 375 for another 30 minutes before it was even close to done, and it probably could still have used some more time. I don't know if it was the recipe or my oven. The taste was good - the texture wasn't quite what I wanted though. AJ had three or four pieces, and Ralph eyed it for seconds, so they liked it as it was.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Talk about best laid plans! I was talking to a friend this morning on the phone, and hung up and had to hurry to get ready if I was going to make it for church, and poor Koori let out a painful yip. Turns out that she somehow has managed to either break her tail or bruise/sprain it a few inches from her butt. Poor thing. We went and saw Susan for some pain drugs for her (and to make sure I wasn't missing something when I diagnosed her!) Needless to say, I didn't make it to church today! I'm also in a kind of a funk - I don't want to do any of the things I really should be doing, so I'm not! I am off in a few minutes to meet up with some friends for a beading class, so hopefully that will motivate me! I think my afternoon walk will be skipped today too - I don't think Koori will be up for that yet. She still is not a happy baby!
AJ has had his driver's license since October, so I have already forgotten (or at least tried) what it was like to drive with a novice driver. AJ's friend Conner stayed with us Friday night, and I let him drive when I picked him up and when I took him home last night. I could never be a professional driving instructor! Conner did very well, don't get me wrong, I'm just glad I don't have more kids to train! Not only is Conner a novice, what driving he has done was in a different car, so the RAV was all new to him.

I did get both of them out for a walk last night with me and the dogs. The dogs were very wet and tired when we got back - AJ and Conner spent at least half an hour throwing rocks for them to chase in the water. It was a beautiful sunset, and a very nice walk.

I put my multi-colored LED solar flower poke out in the sun yesterday, and it is pretty cool! It changes from red to blue to green.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm a winner! At U-Prep's Festival of the Arts on Thursday, I bought $15.00 worth of raffle tickets, and won two baskets! I only have one of them at the house, though. AJ called me from school on Friday. They had drawn the winners, and called him in to pick them up - except he could pick up one of them. It contained alcohol, and I have to go pick it up - thank you U-Prep! I don't remember any of the baskets I put my tickets in as having alcohol, so it will be a surprise to me! The one that he did bring home was one that I am very happy to win - a gardening basket! (and those of you that know I have a black thumb - don't laugh! Just because I kill everything doesn't mean I don't like to TRY to grow things!)

A very large basket FULL of things!

Gardening tool set, pruning set

Plant pokes, seeds, hummingbird nectar

Humming bird feeder

Solar lighted wind chime

Watering can and solar flower poke (multi-colored LED light - this has to go out today so I can see what it does!) I can hardly wait to see what is in the other basket!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Man, am I looking forward to the weekend! This week has been rush, rush, rush! Yesterday, I left for work a little after 7:00 a.m., and got home a little before 8:00 p.m.! In between, I did have my nails done and go to an Art Festival at U-Prep - AJ's choir was performing, so it wasn't all work, but I also had to make sugar cookies for Alli's class after I got in last night! (Silly me thought they would do a party on Valentine's Day, which meant I could bake over the weekend, is closed on Monday!) I got everything done that I needed to - thank goodness! I have 5 dozen heart-shaped cookies going to school today, along with sprinkles and frosting.

Monday, February 07, 2011

I didn't get my afghan finished during the game last night, but I did get my taxes done - at least as far as I can until the middle of February. (If you itemize, you can't file until after 2/15 because of recent tax changes - the systems are ready yet!) I also re-read my instructions for my afghan, and I don't need as many leaves as I thought! The instructions call for 15 small leaves of various colors and 10 large leaves of various colors. In my enthusiasm, I read that as 15 and 10 of each of the various colors! Way too many! I got all the leaves done and part of the large giraffe, so I am on schedule to finish the parts at least this week. I also got some yard work done too - a busy day! Of course, I was multi-tasking with the yard work - I was talking to Mom on the phone and pulling weeds - that does make the chore more fun!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Finally - today is a day of "shoulds" not "musts"! We had a BBQ here yesterday, so I cooked and cleaned like a madwoman in the morning, did my grocery shopping Friday after work, so today is reserved for laundry and other assorted 'things that should happen today'. If I get everything done before 3:00, I can just sit and crochet during the Superbowl game, and maybe get the afghan finished up! I have about a third of the leaves done, so I need about 60 more leaves, and the two giraffes and a cloud. Okay, maybe I won't get them all done, but....I'm trying!

The BBQ was a lot of fun - we had friends in that I haven't seen in years - other than at a funeral or two (bummer of a time to talk!) Back when Ralph and I first got married, we saw these people all the time, but...we drifted apart a bit. I think we need to have a few more of these BBQ's throughout the year! I'm thinking maybe again in April??? We'll see.

AJ was such a champ yesterday. Dallas spent the night, so the two of them planned on video games all day, but....two of our guests were in the 10 and under crowd. AJ got the 10 year old boy into a video game with Dallas supervising, so he was good, but that meant AJ had to find something to entertain the 3 year old little girl. I walked down the hallway at one point in the afternoon, and heard him talking to her. "Do you want to play with this doll?" (We raided Alli's room for toys for her.) How cute! What a guy - how many 18 year olds are willing to play dolls with a little 3 year old?!