Monday, November 07, 2016

I finished the hat to go with the baby sweater - I used a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me - modified a bit.  Very cute, but....if I make either again, I will adjust the pattern a bit.  I think the sweater should be more A-line, so I would increase the shells, and the butterfly should be replaced with a flower or something on the hat - I don't like it at all!  Tami loved it though, so that's what counts.  She was over yesterday,and she got her quilt top put together and quilted.  Now all she needs to do is sew the binding on and sew it down.  Not bad for 3 days of sewing!  She might even have gotten that done if she hadn't had mechanical issues with my fault, too.....bummer.  

The buddies sleeping last night.....

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