Monday, March 14, 2016

Woohoo!  I finished it!  I forget how long it takes to put the strips together - I always think it just take a few minutes......and it doesn't.  I got it finished yesterday around 2:00.  Woohoo again!  Actually - not too bad (for me).  This was a block a month quilt I started last July.  I kept up on it pretty well - for me.  I do really like it - even though I can still see my problems that I had with it.  Give it a few months, and they won't seem so big, I hope.  I learned a couple of new techniques with it - always a good thing!

I started a quick and easy baby quilt yesterday afternoon as well.  I had the pieces already cut out, so it was just a matter of piecing the blocks - such piecing as there is.  I got the borders on, so I'm ready to put it together.  I didn't get the sashing material yet, but I tried out a couple of different colors and widths that I had in my stash.

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