Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Look what I got yesterday!!!

I celebrated (all by myself) my 20th anniversary with RBC on March 1st.  Nothing from the bank to acknowledge it - unusual, but....there have been a lot of changes in HR recently, so I figured this was just one more thing that we 'didn't do anymore'.  When they made an announcement last week that we no longer got off early on Good Friday (a tradition since the bank started) I mentioned to a co-worker that anniversaries seemed to have gone the same way.

She took it upon herself to bake me a cake over the weekend, and checked with HR, not mentioning any names, thinking that I just had been overlooked - surely they were still celebrating bank anniversaries (pretty cheap to send an e-mail, really - employee morale, etc.).  Turns out, they do still celebrate bank anniversaries, and they had completely forgotten anniversaries for the entire month - not just mine.  I got a nice e-mail, and flowers!  (Though I appreciate the cupcake cake more......)

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