Monday, June 09, 2014

The game was fun last night!  Ralph ended up staying home - he didn't feel too great, and it was a hot evening - about 102 when AJ and I left home to pick up Chris and Meredith.  None of us had been to a game at Tiger Field before, and were all pleasantly surprised. They've done a bunch of work at the field (which is in a park known as a homeless hangout, and doesn't have a great reputation - very few parents let their kids play in South City Park).  The bleachers are new and are in the shade, tickets are $5.00 to get in, and the teams are college kids that do a good job of baseball.  They even missed hitting my car with a foul ball - though one player tried very hard.  He did hit the car parked behind me, and he bounced one in front of and the over my car.  Whew!  (He was from the visiting team, so hopefully they don't hit it the next time!)  The seats that the bank reserved were great - top row of the bleachers, almost right behind home plate.

AJ had fun - not only watching the game, but chatting with Meredith and Chris, and David (our daycare provider's son, and a friend of AJ's) was working there, doing the music, and sat almost right behind us.  Even though the evening started as a bit warm, it was still worth going.  I can see another game in my future, and I'm sure I could talk Meredith into going again, even if Chris is out of town.

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