Friday, June 06, 2014

It's the first day of Allison's summer vacation, and I got to sleep in......10 minutes.  Kind of what I expected, but I did set my alarm for a (much) later time than normal n- ever the optimist.  I may never get to use it.  Alli only has one week off right now, and then she starts Extended School Year - a 3 week session.  It starts next Thursday, and runs to July 9th, and then she gets the rest of the summer off.  (Note to self - go look up when the school year starts - they didn't send home a 2014-15 calendar this year!)  I really don't mind getting up early - it was 103 already here yesterday, and is expected to hit 109 on Monday!!!  I'll take my (relatively) cooler mornings.

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