Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's done!!!  I got it finished yesterday, and even found a box that it fits in to ship it.  I may just admire it for a couple of days before I mail it though.  Too cute!

After I finished it last night, I wasn't sure what to start next.  Lord knows I should have picked up the quilt to sew the binding on, but....I didn't want to start on that after dinner, etc.  I wanted to be 'fresh' to start it.  So......I picked up a new skein of yarn I got this week (I can't help it - it's a compulsion- - new yarn - must try it!!!)  This yarn is a flat ribbon, about 3 inches wide, and doesn't require crocheting or knitting - though it does use a crochet hook.  

In an hour or so, I had this scarf:

You interlock the loops on the edges together.  I think I can "improve" how they put the scarf together by sewing it together, but they did it all with the loops - the edges look a little funky, but wearable their way.

Here are some photos left over from the Whiskeytown Falls hike:

The 'crew' getting started

At one of our rest stops

My favorite buddy

Up at the very top

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