Monday, June 02, 2014

I looked over at Alli yesterday, and she had crashed on the couch.  How she can nap like this, I'll never know.  My neck would hurt!

I finished the lion yesterday for the jungle stackables.  I changed the pattern up a bit to suit me (as usual) and he turned out pretty cute.  I would have liked to use real 'eyes' on him, and a nose, but since it's for a toddle, I figured it would be better to embroider the face on.  I have really cute attachable glass cat eyes and a plastic nose, but they aren't designed for little ones to play with.  Embroidery and crochet don't go well together, works.

The giraffe is the first animal to stack, and the lion is second, so, the lion doesn't fit just on the soon-to-be a palm tree yet, can tell that it's going to work!  (I hate it when I get to this part of a project and realize that something went wrong somewhere.)

I also had a brain-storm for the bookmark for The Book Thief, and took a stab at creating a book bookmark,.  My first try is the one on the right - the closed book with white felt in the middle for pages.  The one on the left was my second try, has felt sewn onto it for pages.  AJ told me I should crochet the pages too, instead of using the felt, so that will be try number 3.  All together, not too bad, and I think it will fit the book well.

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