Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Monday, AJ and I hiked to Whiskeytown Falls.  I can't remember if we made it up there last year or not.  The weather was nice - mid to high 80's - so it was warm hiking, but not too bad.  You could sure feel the difference when you were up by the falls - so nice and cool.

The wild lilac was blooming up a storm (can you say "Achoo!"?)  There were both white and purple blooms along the trail - Pretty!

Since it was a holiday weekend, there were quite a few people on the trail, and up at the falls.  No chance to get a shot of the falls without people in the picture.  The dogs behaved themselves though - they weren't too friendly with everybody.  They were pretty rambunctious at the beginning of the trail, but poor Koori was walking slower than I was near the top of the trail.  She perked up after a nice rest where she could wade in the creek.  (I just needed the rest stop - no wading in the creek for me - that water is cold!)

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