Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Poor Ralph....last night, I went to Scouts, so he fixed Alli her dinner, and after she had finished, he fixed himself a plate of leftover fried chicken, and then fed the dogs.  When he got back in from filling their food bowls, one of the pieces of chicken was missing from his plate.  Alli was rocking nicely in her chair, and Koori was sleeping on the couch.  Neither looked suspicious (or guilty!) but he couldn't find any sign of the piece of chicken, and Alli had clean hands.  So.......he chastised Koori - figuring that there was no way Alli could eat fried chicken so neatly.

Before he could sit down to his dinner again (sans one piece of chicken), I came in from Scouts. Ralph had helped me load up the RAV with boxes of recycled uniforms when I went to Scouts, so he knew I needed to unload them, so he came out to help, leaving his dinner unguarded.  I think he thought that chastising Koori would be enough to keep her away from his dinner.  When he came back in from unloading the RAV, there was NO chicken left on his plate.  Koori ate 4 pieces of chicken last night - probably without chewing any of it.  So far, the only lingering effects seem to be Ralph's temper.

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