Saturday, September 28, 2013

It was supposed to be a quiet day to catch up on things, turned into a busy one.  Alli and I did our normal shopping run (minus Wal-mart) and went to K-Mart clothes shopping for her.  She's outgrown most of her pants (not a good sign) so we picked up some new pants and a few new shirts for her.  Then, we went home and did some housework.  (Well, I did some housework - Alli took a nap - it's hard work shopping!)

Then, AJ and I did some yard work - cutting back the gardenias in the area by the garden, and clearing a way through the jasmine to the side yard.  Then, it was back into town to go shopping with AJ.  He's outgrown his clothes too -  but his is because he's working out and building some muscles.  In between and after, I worked on a viking hat for him.  I have everything made - now I just have to put it together.  It is just too cute!!!  (It also looks a little big - I may be making some adjustments to it before he can wear it.  Pictures tomorrow!!!

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