Thursday, September 05, 2013

Back to square 1 with Ralph.  He had follow-up X-rays yesterday to check his lungs, and the fluid is building up again.  Now he has an appointment next Thursday with Dr. Singh at Shasta Critical Care to check with a lung specialist.  Hopefully there is an easy fix to all this....

I went to Alli's back-to-school night last night.  this year, she has 12 kids in her class and 5 in the adult class (in the next classroom).  Her teacher has been able to expand into 5 rooms on the campus - two of them for adapted PE rooms.  One is set up with 2 treadmills and 2 exercise bikes, and they are adding an elliptical, and the other is set up for aerobic and yoga type exercises.  They have Alli doing modified yoga (this I've got to see!) and walking on the treadmill.  They have taken weights and measurements of all the kids and they are all tracking their progress throughout the year.  How great for them - and Alli.  This is one life skill that she will really need!  The teacher is really pushing self-management with the kids this year.  Even Alli will be involved in her own IEP, according to her.  I told her 'no problem, but she doesn't get to set her own goals!"  The teach agreed and said Alli's goals would be more couches and naps!

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