Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's the weekend!!  This was one of my busier weeks - choir concert on Wednesday, nails and dinner out on Thursday with 'the girls' and then 'dinner in' on Friday night for Ralph's boss.  In between - lots of meetings at work, a Relay for Life hot dog sale, and everything else that goes on around here.  Whew!  

Dinner Thursday was fun - I left work a little bit early for my nail appointment and then met up with Veronica, Meredith, and Annie (Ralph and Veronica's boss) for dinner at View 202.  They were having a 'show and shine' at the restaurant, so there was NO parking anywhere close to the place - and I was still in work clothes, including high heels.  It was 6:30 by this time and I had been in high heels since 6:45 a.m. - I didn't want to walk anywhere!  But - it does give you a chance to look at all the beautiful cars that were parked there - wow!  I also ran into Phoenix - a boy that had gone to school with Alli from kindergarten through 8th grade.  (and I think Alli has grown - he is 6'10'' at 16!!!  Yes, I meant 6'10''.  He is a gentle giant.)

View 202 is one of the 'nice' places to eat in town - a beautiful view of the river and upscale food.  Everyone else had gotten there before me (probably because I was walking in high heels!!) and had ordered drinks.  It took them 40 minutes to bring me my drink when I ordered it.  Really??  It wasn't even anything extremely fancy (not fancy for them - it was fancy for me - I ordered a martini - very fancy for me!!)  Needless to say, the service wasn't the best, but.....the servers were all cute - and 'so very sorry' that it took so long.  We were almost accosted by what I assume was the manager at one point.  She came barreling up tho the table and very abruptly asked how things were going, etc.  Not the normal approach.  All in all - the food was excellent and the company was great - and lots of entertainment from the staff (not that they were meaning to be entertaining, but it was better to be entertained than annoyed!)

Friday night was the official 'cruise' on Churn Creek, and people start setting up chairs on the sidewalks and grass areas around Wednesday.  Our Relay for Life group decided to sell hot dogs and chips etc. for lunch to raise funds.  'We' got all the food items donated ('we' meaning I had nothing to do with it - the other ladies worked very hard!) and started serving at 11:00.  One of the ladies even wore a mustard suit and stood on the corner carrying a sign announcing the lunch.  That's dedication!!!  Dawn and I worked a shift from 1:00 to 2:00.  The plan for the group was to keep selling until we ran out of food - 300 hot dogs.  They were still open when I left at 5:00, and they looked like they were doing a booming business!

Ralph had mentioned Thursday night that maybe we could invite Annie to our place for dinner on Friday (since he didn't get to go out for dinner with her!).  He texted me about 2:00 on Friday - dinner was on!  I stopped by the store after work and picked up some steaks, some spinach, asparagus  and some angel food cake, and Ralph had picked up some fresh strawberries (the first of the season from our local beds!) and that, along with the potato salad I made last weekend, was dinner!  It was very tasty, and went together pretty quickly - good thing, since by this time, I was pretty pooped!  Good thing it is the weekend!

I got so busy this week I didn't even get the pictures off my camera.  I remembered them this morning.  I took some of 'the guys' moving my dirt for me last weekend.  If you notice, in every shot, AJ is leaning on something - I think he will eventually be working for CalTrans!  Most of the dirt that I need to have somewhere has been moved.  I want to use what's left in my front flower beds that fun by the house, and then just pile the rest int he old garden area.  I think I will add it to the garden beds as they settle in.  One more project for tomorrow!  Mom is supposed to be bringing me all the plants to put in my flower garden, so....I'm done there for now!

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