Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Forgive any typing errors. I'm blogging on my phone. It was a good trip to Sac yesterday. We weren't sure we were going to get out of Redding. I5 was closed - a propane truck rolled south of Cottonwood around 8:30 am. The road south opened just as we were leaving so we made it fine. The north lanes were still closed when we went by.

We spent the afternoon at our Roseville office. They just finished a major remodel as it is beautiful. There were 6 of is on the trip and the meeting at the office was for 4 of them. It was  bit long for me since I know nothing about the new accounts platform etc.

The evening was fun. We had a reception for the conference - a potato martini bar - an odd idea that tasted great. Martini glasses and mashed potatoes and then tons of garnished. Yum!  Then we were wined and dined (and desserted - the molten lava cake was to die for!) by a company that wants our business.   I'm off to the real conference today!

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