Monday, April 29, 2013

All of a sudden, I have a ton of pictures that I've taken.  This blog entry will be more photos than typing (both because of the number of photos and because I need to get ready for work!)  I did speak with my friend Cindy yesterday - she fell on Saturday and broke her arm in two places!  She had taken her daughter and a friend skating.  Poor thing - I offered to have her come down here and I'd give her a shower - I'm pretty good at giving someone a shower - though she may not like me using the same phrases I do for Allison!  She declined my offer - I really do wish we lived closer - there are so many things that you need two hands for.  Her daughter is helping a lot I know, but.....still - it would be nice to be able to help!

I finished the afghan for Allan's baby boy.  Elija was born 4/17, I think - I finished it this weekend, now I need to box it up and send it off.

The pattern is alternating 5 dc shells and 5 dc's.  It went together very quickly, and I like how it turned out.

I have most of the quilt top done - I'm not very happy with it, but not unhappy enough to rip it all out and start over again (though I may rip out the last few seams I did and see what I can do with them.)  I think this one will be a keeper - not good enough to give to anyone.

I now have a ton of zucchini seeds sprouting.  Even the ones that didn't sprout the first planting decided to grow this time - so I have double the amount I originally planted.

Here's my garden - peppers in the back, an eggplant in the middle, and beans in the front.

The box on the left has the peppers, beans and eggplant.  The box on the middle has the zucchini and Armenian cucumber, along with a Lemon Boy and yellow pear tomatoes.  The one of the right has the Early Girl and Sweet 100 tomatoes and yellow squash and lemon cucumbers,

My eggplant is blooming:

Ralph took out the dead peach/nectarine tree for me yesterday - yippee!!!  That area has been cleaned up - now to find something to plant there!

Yesterday, I posted a picture of Jasper and Alli sharing the couch - today you get them both sleeping on a pillow.

Here's a leftover picture from Sacramento - The Delta King - a restaurant on the river.  We should have eaten there!

I made a baby cocoon for Kandis - this one buttons up, so you can get the baby in and out (I could never see how they got a wriggly baby in some of the others!  I was really tempted by a mermaid pattern though.)  I don't have buttons for it yet - that is scheduled for lunch today. 

 I dragged out my old Cabbage Patch doll for this picture - it looks much cuter with a baby in it!!

Here's a close up - you till can't see the details very well.  The pattern is here, and they have a better picture (of course!)

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