Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You'd think by now I would know that I actually have to READ the pattern instead of skimming it, and do the whole thing, thinking I know what I'm doing.  This pretty little coaster is the result of that issue:

This is the pattern I (thought I) was making:

I had the very first row right, and that was it!!!  You'd think I would have noticed somewhere along the line that I had more than three sides???  In my defense, I didn't have the picture printed out with the instructions and I forgot what I was gong for - can you tell?  The good news was I could show it off at work.  There are several co-workers that just started crocheting, and some have been very frustrated with how to read instructions.  I showed them my work, and knowing that I've been doing this for a long time....they were reassured that it wasn't just them.  One co-worked said that it was nice to know that even I wasn't infallible   I told her that she just didn't see the things that I ripped out - she only got to see the things that I liked when I was done!!!

Since I had so many problems with my little triangle doily, I did this on instead.  

I got a text yesterday from AJ - could I pick Margene up at the airport tonight at 8:15.  Sure - which airport - Sacramento or Redding.  I could do either - it just made a difference on what time we left.  Luckily, she was coming in to Redding.  Since the airport is less than 5 minutes away, no problem!!  Margene called at 7:30 from San Francisco - her flight hadn't left yet, they didn't even have the plane at that airport yet.  They were now scheduled to come in around 10:00.  I assured her it still wasn't a problem - I could pick her up.  (Ralph is out of town this week, and AJ was house sitting, so it meant Alli would have to go with me to get her, but...still no big deal.)

At 8:00 she called back.  They had actually cancelled her flight to Redding, and the next flight was not until Thursday.  She was renting a car and driving up.  Then she called back, she was renting a mini van, and was driving up with 5 other people - at least one was going all the way to Redding.  I don't know where the others were being dropped off, or if they were all going to Redding,  She had just mentioned in one of the previous phone calls that there was another woman going to Redding that she was sitting with in the airport, waiting for the plane.  I told her to call me when she got in, and to text me on the way up so I knew she hadn't decided to drive up with an ax murdered or something (though how they would have gotten their ax through airport security, I don't know).  She sent me a text around 2:00 this morning - she was home, safe and sound.. tired, but home safe.  That poor woman has nothing but problems when she travels.  Last time, she ended up in the hospital while she was on vacation and missed her return flight.  Remind me not to travel with her!

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