Friday, February 15, 2013

Woohoo!  We went (finally!) live with our solar yesterday!  I thinks it's been about two months that it's been installed and we've been making electricity, but it didn't count toward our bill.  Since I've also been making payments on the loan for the solar, it will be nice to have a reduce bill to offset that payment a little bit!  Not to mention that we are getting a rebate from PG&E, and couldn't even submit for it until we went live.  

Ralph got in from his Stockton/Modesto trip yesterday, and look what he brought me home for Valentine's Day!  This guy is about 9 inches tall, and is gorgeous!

I made another pair of booties for Kandis's little one (due the end of June).  Tami at work is learning to crochet and was going to be making these booties for her great grandchild, and I knew she would be asking me how to read the pattern, so I thought I'd test it out a bit before I was 'tested' by Tami.  I like the pattern - Emma's Baby Booties - the link to the pattern is here.  It is a quick little pattern, and works up nicely - always good to have in your library!

We might actually be getting the new carpet installed in the guest house today.  Things MAY be moving back to normal for us.  Dawn is semi-out of the guest house for a bit (her boyfriend's mother was killed in a fire on Tuesday - she's staying with him to help out.)  I would like to get it put back together again before she gets back as a nice surprise (yes, I know she reads the blog, so it won't be much of a surprise, but I've found if I write things out as a sort of commitment, I am more apt to get them done!)  The guest house needs some serious organizational help, and if we can put things in their proper places, it will help.  We still don't have the bathroom together - the vanity re-build isn't done, but we can do something about some of the mess out there, I know.

I'm off to Susanville tomorrow - the weather looks like it will stay nice.  I have Monday off as a holiday, and Tuesday off for a vacation day, and then.....Wednesday I have to call in to see if I have Jury Duty.  Since I'm Group 7, I'm pretty sure I will have to go in.  Bummer.

We are about ready to start a couple of major projects at work (and, of course we have to start them both at the same time!!!)  One is a doc imaging program, where we will be scanning in all the paperwork associated with a loan (and deposit accounts, etc. - they just aren't MY problem!) and the other is a  workflow process for the entire loan department.  Both are big projects, and I'm happy to say that I'm not the lead in either.  I am the driving force behind the doc imaging, because my main job is loan documentation, but.....I'm not in charge, thank goodness!  (and it is a much smaller project, really.)  We have a 'meet and greet' meeting for the workflow project next Tuesday, (yes, I'm on vacation, but it is a dinner appointment - I'll meet with them for dinner anytime!!) and then the first part of March we start the work in earnest.  I hope to get a lot of the doc imaging program settled before that, at least my part of it.  We'll see how that goes.  If I get on a long jury trial, my plans may not work out that way.  (One co-worker is on a two-month murder trial!!!)

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