Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poor Ralph - He only got a little bit of the cobbler! It was too hot when I took it out of the oven for him to eat (not to mention late in the evening) so I took the large pan of cobbler in to work. Ralph told me to, really! He said I could share at work, and he would just have what was left over, since the three of us didn't need to eat that much cobbler. Here is what was left after taking it to work:

Just enough for one large bowl of cobbler with ice cream for dessert. I guess Mom's recipe was a good one!

After dinner, I took the girls for a walk - and for a chance to scope out the blackberry bushes out in the back field. I am way too late for them, they are covered in dried blackberries. Next year, I'll pick from my (almost) backyard! I did pick about 2 cups of them, but they aren't nearly as large and sweet as the ones from Meredith's secret spot.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Yum! Blackberry cobbler for breakfast! I had to taste test it, didn't I? It didn't come out of the oven until almost 10:00 last night - too hot to taste last night (and I was falling asleep waiting for it.) It came out pretty good - not as pretty as I would have liked - I forgot how long it take my oven to heat up to 400 degrees, so it sat on the counter, ready to go in, for too long. It tastes good though! Maybe not as good as Mom's, but it's good. (Thanks Mom - how many phone calls was it? Three? Four? More?)

The baby that I made the safari afghan for might have arrived last night or this morning! I got an e-mail from Steph that she was at the hospital last night!

Speaking of hospitals, little brother made it home yesterday! He's better, but still not where he should be. He walked over to the neighbors, and was winded. No camping (at higher elevations than Susanville) for him this weekend. Jeff is already up at the lake, and I think Ronna may be going in today. Mom may go up on Saturday, be even that depends on how Dave is doing.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I did something last night I haven't done in years - I went out with a friend and picked blackberries! I have 2/3's of a gallon bucket in the frig to make a cobbler with tonight. Meredith has a 'secret' spot and we got some huge berries! It was also a fun evening of conversation, too - even better!

There were a few dragonflies hanging out around the berries, too. It was getting dark by the time we finished - a fun evening!

Little brother is still in the hospital - but getting better. He still needs to be on oxygen to keep his oxygenation level up, but they are reducing the amount of oxygen he is on.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A beautiful sunset last night - taken from my cell phone from the Wal-Mart parking lot. The quality isn't that great - I like the picture above better, but it is loosing the definition. The one below is a little clearer.

Little brother is doing better. I didn't talk to him yesterday - mainly because he wouldn't answer his phone! I don't know when he will be released, but...he is getting better!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just when you think things are going smoothly! Little brother (David) ended up in the hospital yesterday with a bronchial infection. I talked to him last night, and he was felling a lot better - he could breath! He still had low oxygen levels, so he will be there still - he thought maybe Wednesday? Poor baby! I think he has quit smoking though!

AJ made it back to the Jamboree yesterday. Prior to this, they were taking in the sights of the Washington DC area. Today will be their first full day at the camp. I read in the news that they are expecting 46,000 + people (most of them teenage boys) at Jamboree - that's a lot of testosterone!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another nice, relaxing weekend. Of course, one of the reasons it was relaxing was because it was too hot to do anything after noon! We hit 16 I think, according to the paper. I hurried and tried to get my chores done in the morning, and the spent the afternoon reading and crocheting. I didn't get as much done around the house as I should have, but....I'll get there. It isn't going anywhere without me! One of my plans is to try to get both the computer room and AJ's room cleaned up while he is gone. I got most of the computer room straightened up, but I haven't been brave enough to try his room yet.

Since AJ took my 'good' camera to Jamboree with him, I have been using my camera phone for pictures. I've also been e-mailing pictures to AJ, such as this one of Jasper, saying good morning, and this one of Rufus, hiding from Picot.

I found another picture from vacation - a mole hill in Mom's flower bed! She grows big moles too!

Here is my latest project - a Flower Fairy Doily. I got the pattern from Annie's Attic, and need to make just a few more 'parts and pieces' to finish it. I started pinning it out yesterday to see how it was going to work out.

I need to play with it a bit I think, but it should turn out okay. It is about 18" across. I was thinking of putting it in a shadow box, but that is a large shadow box! We'll see how it finishes up (if it gets finished - I should have had it done early Saturday morning, but I sat around reading instead!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What a beautiful morning! A typical summer day - sunny and clear, and the temperature is only 72 degrees. We are supposed to get around 107 today, according to one report, so I am enjoying the cool while I can!

One problem of taking pictures of the kitten - she always turns out blurry because she is moving so fast! If she isn't moving fast, she is sleeping (two modes - on and off!) This is my crochet work basket that I had very recently cleaned up -

AJ got new soccer shoes! We should be able to see him coming on the field this year! I just hope he will be able to play. As things stand right now, he couldn't play if he had to. His heart procedure is scheduled for August 11th, and I hope it 'cures' him!

Vacation pictures - I obviously didn't do anything exciting on vacation! My brother has a new adoring fan - the little girl from across the street follows him everywhere she can.

Mom and I went for a walk while I was visiting. I did get one picture of wildflowers! Not too many flowers blooming is Susanville right now (not counting the ones in Mom's yard, and they had a bit of 'help' just before I got there. She was replanting most of her flowers while I was there, due to Lily's 'help'.)

When we got back, Koori was warm enough to go take a quick swim - in Mom's fountain! Lily thought it looked like fun - she just wasn't quite sure if she wanted to join her or not.

Friday, July 23, 2010

It sure is quiet around here! I was beginning to wonder if AJ would actually make it on the trip though. Wednesday night, when I got home from work, I asked if he was all packed. "Yes, Mom - all packed". I asked him if he was sure - did he go through the checklist to make sure he had everything, and yes, of course he had. Then, I asked if, since I am a lousy seamstress, and all of his patches had to be replaced on his uniform with Jamboree patches, the patches had stayed on when they were washed. Blank look. Turns out he hadn't packed any of his uniforms, since they were sitting in the dryer. He then went and got his uniforms and was set. I folded the rest of the clothes from the load in the dryer, and found three or four more uniform 'parts' that he was still missing. Heaven help us! We got him all packed up and ready to go.

We had to be at the K-mart packing lot by 1:00 a.m. Thursday morning, so I took a little nap before hand. I say 'little' because Allison didn't want to go to sleep, and Ralph had a hard time convincing her. I think it finally got quiet around 11:00, so, of course, I ended up sleeping longer than I mean to. (I think I set my alarm for p.m., not a.m. or something - it didn't go off at least!) No biggy - AJ hadn't gone to bed, and he woke me up. We loaded the car and left right on time. Except.....a mile or so away from the house, he remembered that he forgot his money! (It was in his wallet last time I asked, but he didn't want to walk around the house with it, so he took it out?!?!?) We still made it to K-mart at the appointed hour, only to discover that he had the wrong hat. One more trip home before he was settled on the bus.

All ended well though. They made it back to DC, and started their tour. They went to the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial WW II Memorial, Vietnam and Korean Memorials, and even the 'eawagena monument' according to AJ. Good thing he added (via text) "the one raising the flag" or I may have struggled a bit to get Iwo Jima out of that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life is just moving too fast! I got back from vacation Sunday all rested up, and then moved immediately back to fast forward. I caught up on all the 'house' items on Sunday (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) and then off to work on Monday. Tuesday, AJ had his pre-op appointment in Chico, and then scouts that evening (after going back in to work.) He left last night (or rather at 1:30 this morning) on his trip to the East Coast for Scout's Jamboree, so the rest of the week was taken up getting him ready to go. What a comedy of errors! He is off now, and maybe I can slow down again!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mobile Blogging was an epic fail. Not only could I not do it, I broke my phone trying to! I spent about 45 minutes in the Verizon store on Wednesday, and still didn't get it fixed. The guy was very nice and very helpful, but...they are under construction, and he didn't have the tools to fix it. He gave me some suggestions, but they didn't work. All that is broken is the text messaging, so it isn't a big deal. Just annoying! I even tried blogging just on the Internet on my phone, and couldn't get it to work. I am sure that was operator error, as I've posted that way before.

I came up to Susanville on Wednesday, late afternoon, and Mom and I went to Reno shopping on Thursday. I scored some good deals at the Penny's outlet in Sparks, and Mom and I scoped out the Mill Ends fabric store. Lots and lots of material! Good thing I don't sew too much! I was tempted, but I knew I would never make what ever I got material for. I also had a good visit with Cindy. We stopped by her place on the way home. It was nice to catch up for a little bit.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday was a bust for both kids! AJ and a friend decided they wanted to see "Predator" which is R rated. AJ is 17, so no problem. The friend isn't. Therein lies the problem. They convinced themselves that since AJ was 17, it would work out if they said they were brothers. Needless to say, it didn't. All would have been well if I had gone in with them, but....I really didn't want to see the 5th movie in a series that should have stayed with just one movie. Within a few minutes of crushing disappointment, a new plan was hatched! They talked the friend's old brother into taking them back in to the movies, having him buy the ticket, and give it to the under-age brother (and his mom fixed up his birth certificate so he was a year older), and all would be well! I have no idea if this worked. AJ had Scouts last night, so they we trying to go to the 10:30 p.m. show, and I was asleep by then. I don't know if I am proud of their resourcefullness, or upset that they worked so hard to beat the system. Since the friend is 17 in a couple of months, they aren't hurting anything, supportive should I be?

Alli panicked her day-care provider yesterday, too. She woke up from a nap with one eye almost completely swollen shut. Sandy thought she was having an allergic reaction (and she probably was) but Sandy's son is deathly allergic to shellfish, and she just knew Alli was reacting to the tuna they had for lunch and was going to die. She had her husband check to make sure she was still breathing (she was playing with a toy on the couch!) and called me. I grabbed some allergy meds and eye drops and went to get her. Poor baby! Sandy was still all upset, but I assured her it was pretty normal - my eyes do that if I get cat dander in them, and then rub them. I have learned not to rub my eyes, but Alli, of course, hasn't. Alli's eye is still swollen today, since she won't let me put ice on it or anything. Poor baby! Hopefully Sandy has recovered, too!

Yesterday's walk yielded a beautiful photo (if I do say so myself!) The light was gorgeous on the dry grass. I just tried to set up my phone so I can update directly to the blog, so I will try that while I am up in Susanville. Mom said her computer went to the shop, and I didn't ask how long it would be there, so I am trying something new for me! Yay technology! (Okay, everyone else in the blogger world is already mobile blogging - I'm a little slow!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My horoscope for the day: "Give in to that whim. Your organized self loves your schedule, but it's essential for you to leave room for serendipity -- or that well planned timetable could start to feel like a prison cell..." at least according to the Yahoo! site. Maybe I should search around and see what else is out there! Today is already 'planned' as a relaxing day - yesterday I cleaned the carpets (and got an upper body workout at the same time) and AJ and I went to see Toy Story 3 - fun movie. Then, to our surprise, we were both bored all afternoon - nothing to do and too hot to think of anything. I sat inside and watch Harry Potter movies and crocheted. Boring!

Alli was up at 5:00 today, so I'm up, I'm up! Unfortunately, I woke up with a migraine, so I'm not a happy camper. I had then yesterday as well, but when I wake up with one, it is harder to get rid of it that one I feel coming on. Bummer for vacation! At least I don't have to go to work and 'play nice' with people!

Picot has 'dyslexia' down to an art now. Not only does she stand in front of the computer screen, chasing the letters as I type, she now bumps her butt against the on/off button on the screen and turns it off while I am typing. I wanted a kitten why???? Good thing she is cute!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm on vacation! I don't have to go to work today! Of course, I still got up at my normal time, and got Alli up, showered and dressed. Ralph is taking her in to daycare for me, so I have the day free! Free to clean carpets, finish the laundry, etc.

I did get a project mostly completed yesterday - new contact paper in my kitchen cupboards, but more importantly, cleaning them out of things I don't use! I got the pots and pans cupboards done, and the other cupboards are not as bad. That cupboard has a 'black hole' back in the corner - quite a few things found their way back there that I forgot I even had, much less where they were! I have some boxes for the rummage sale now, and more room in my cupboards!

Here is 'Dyslexia' at work! Ralph likes the new name, since he is the one that is trying to read most of the time. She does the same thing with newspapers.

I actually made a doily this weekend. Since it has been so hot in the afternoons, I have been just sitting around (in the air conditioning) crocheting. This was an easy doily (once I actually read the directions instead of glancing at them and relying on my (poor) memory.) It cups a bit, but blocking was able to pull it out.

Rufus has decided the best place to hide from Picot is the laundry basket under the fan. That way he is protected, and cool!

Solar kitty at rest. We decided she has two speeds - on and off. She is either running around madly, or sleeping. She was playing with the toy when the off mode took over. No need to worry though - she is soaking up the solar power and will be ready to go in just a few minutes!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Decisions, decisions....What should I do today? Let's see, so far, I have slept in, and fed the dogs. Not too much accomplished so far, and it is already after 7:00! Alli has been staying up later (after 9:00 some nights) which means I don't turn on the Giant's game until after she goes to bed, so I am staying up later! I have found it doesn't do any good to put her to bed early - she won't go to sleep until she is ready, and I would rather have her in the living room where I can watch her than behind closed doors (and out of earshot) in her bedroom.

I am thinking of renaming Picot. Since she makes it so hard to read anything, I think her name should be 'Dyslexia'! If you are reading the paper, she is laying down on it. If you are reading on the computer, she is up in front of the screen, chasing the cursor, if you have a book, she is playing with the pages. Just too cute! I caught Rufus playing with her this morning, so he is 'back to normal'.

Here are some more pictures from our walks. (I love the third one - I caught the cloud reflections in the water.) I didn't make it out for a walk last night - I'll have to make up for it today! The creek is drying up again, so the puppies won't be able to swim for a while. That also means I won't have wet dogs in the house for a while too!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation! Woohoo! And Alli let me sleep in until 6:00! She's also been waiting at the kitchen counter for the last 15 minutes for me to come in and fix her breakfast! Poor thing - I've been playing with pictures on the computer while she is starving to death! The last few nights, the sunsets have been gorgeous, so when I been waling, I've been taking the camera. Here are a few of the pictures (more to come later - Alli is STARVING!)

Friday, July 09, 2010

I've been good lately, and taking the dogs for a walk in the evenings. The 'dirt area' back behind the neighborhood has Clover Creek - a seasonal creek - running through it, and evidently when the A.C.I.D canal is running, some of it dumps in the creek. The dogs have had a blast playing in the water the last couple of days. Tuesday, this was completely dry. These pictures are from Wednesday night.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4h of July! It looks like it will be a warm one here - but the wind is blowing, so it shouldn't be a scorcher at least!

We finally got Rufus out of hock yesterday. He had been at the vet's since Tuesday. I don't think they ever figured out what was the cause of his problem - all they could do was treat the symptoms and hope for the best. They think he might have gotten a bacterial infection in his GI system, could have been something else, too. He didn't start eating anything until Friday night, and still isn't eating much. He seems to be feeling better - he was quite vocal about asking for a green bean this morning when I fed the dogs. He didn't eat all of it, but at least he asked, and ate some of it! It's good to have him home again.

The other problem child (Picot) has been a normal pesky kitten, and is chasing the letters on the computer screen as I type right now. Makes it hard to see any typos when you can't see the screen! Good thing this has spell check! She loves the mouse too - I usually move the mouse on a different part of the screen so I can see what I am typing. She stole Koori's stuffed toy too! She was dragging around the little bear yesterday - she looked so cute! The bear is almost as big as she is.

She looks so innocent, doesn't she!