Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I have a good excuse for not blogging - I've been sewing!  I'm trying to finish a quilt for a wedding this month (luckily, it's at the end of the month) and working on my quilt club projects.   I thought of a great way to keep my binding out of my way, but flowing freely when I sew it on the quilt!  Mom used this for her crochet thread, but it works just find for binding too......

I finally finished piecing the top of my quilt club project - a Christmas tree skirt.  Last month, while sitting at the club meeting, I realized I had done the prior month's work all wrong.    The leader had sent out instructions for making the 52 flying geese blocks using a ruler (that I had) and had written the instructions using "light and dark" fabric.  The book had instructions for creating the flying geese the long way, and called it "background and scrappy" fabric.  I had made 52 flying geese blocks with the wrong fabric (I had used 'light' scrappy fabric combined with 'dark' scrappy fabric). That meant that this month, I had to re-do all of those AND the blocks for this month.  The final project:

The only blocks I had done (correctly) when I started after the meeting in June were the red star blocks.  The rest were redone this month.  I now have quite a few 'extra' flying geese to use as well.....

No pictures yet, but I got my snowmen wall hanging ready to start quilting.  But first, to finish sewing the binding on the red, white and blue quilt.

After I finished putting my tree skirt together, Ralph and I went out shooting for a bit.  It wasn't as hot as it has been, but it was still warm enough I was done pretty quickly.

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