Friday, June 16, 2017

I started something new....I enrolled in a 'yarn of the month' club. I'm not quite sure why, but, I can cancel at any time, and I just might find some new yarns I like!  I got my first yarn last week - Roving Silk Yarn.  Definitely  not something I would have picked up!  I started a scarf out of it - and changed to a different pattern, but still a scarf.  The club sent a pattern with the yarn, but the pattern was for baskets for air plants.  Cute, but not something I really wanted to make.  I'll post a photo of the scarf when I'm done.

I was on my in to town to meet Meredith for lunch on Thursday, and I sent her a quick text telling her I might be late - the traffic was at a standstill on I-5.  Eventually, I got up to the problem......

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