Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lessons learned - no V-neck shirt when shooting, and don't wear your "Sunday Bra" if you do wear a V-neck shirt.  ("Sunday Bra" being the one you wear when the 'good' bras are in the laundry, and you don't plan ongoing anywhere...it tends to sag and gap.....)  I had changed into a loose cotton shirt, not really thinking about the neckline, to go shooting on Sunday - 95 degrees in the shade - and managed to catch hot brass down my top.  There I am, trying to get the hot brass off my skin while holding a loaded gun.   Thank goodness there was no one videoing it.....

AJ and I went for a hike Monday morning up to Whiskeytown Falls.  It was beautiful, and already getting hot when we got there around 9:45.  It was nice and cool at the falls, but we didn't dare stop moving - the mosquitoes were eating AJ alive.  (I got a few bite, but he collected a whole lot more.)

The flowers along the trail are blooming like crazy, and the butterflies were everywhere. 

The creek isn't super high, which I kind of expected after our wet winter, but it is definitely full.

Some of the flowers growing on the bank....

The falls themselves seemed fuller - and gorgeous as always.

The wild lilacs are in full bloom.

I took the shot below, and when I was playing with it at home, I noticed.....

There is a bug on the other side - cute!!!

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