Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I finished my project for my quilt club last weekend!  This next three months I'll be making a Christmas Tree Skirt through the club.  I still need to finish the last project from the club, the snowman wall hanging - I have the top done, but now it needs to be quilted, and then embellished.  Maybe I'll get around to that before Christmas????

Here's the tree skirt so far....not too exciting, I know, but I'm happy with my work on it!  Most of the corners match up, etc.  The finished project is very pretty.

And.....I've started my garden!!!  Before I could start, I needed to get rid for my artichoke plant.  I had no idea when I planted it how big they got!  This one was taking up one whole garden bed.  It went to a good home though - Margene added it to her garden! 

I got some eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes plants last weekend, and got them in....

The tomatoes in one bed.

The eggplants and peppers went in with my existing spinach and lettuce plants.

And then I added some flowers to the last bed.  I have room for more, too!!!

I've missed my flowers since we re-landscaped the yard and I lost my garden area that I had them in.

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