Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ralph and I went down to the Sundial Bridge yesterday - and the water is higher than before (and I think I missed the highest day). Here are photos that I took throughout February, just for comparison.  

This was February 10th - and I was amazed that the area we walk on under the bridge was so far under water.  Notice the bench on the far right of the photo....

This was just a few days later - February 13th, and the water was up to the bench on the right of the sidewalk.

Yesterday, February 25th, the water is over the bench.

I also finished up a project yesterday....woohoo!!!  A couple of weeks ago, Ralph and I went down to IKEA and I got a set a drawers for my sewing room.  Last Tuesday, I put it together all by myself!!!  Yesterday, I put in liners, storage boxes, etc. and put my stuff in it.  I like it!!!

Dollar Tree has the perfect sized storage boxes, too!  The slim ones fit three across, and with the shelf liner, don't slide about.  I'm a happy camper!!

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