Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Be still my beating heart!  Headlines in the Record Searchlight today - Hobby Lobby coming to Redding!  (Okay - it wasn't the top headline, and no exclamation point, but they should have!!!)  More yarn!  (like I need more yarn, but.......)

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and no posts from me - sorry!  I have to admit, I like to post a photo when I post, and I haven't taken many lately.  I've been plenty busy though!

Dawn and I went up to Susanville a couple of weekends ago to 'make Dave move' - his words, not mine.  He had everything out already, though I did help him move his TV.  I went mainly to check out the houses - both his and Mom's.  Dave has had nothing but problems with his new house.  He had known electrical issues - to be fixed after closing, but the electrician that came in to fix them said the problem was a lot worse than originally stated - to the tune of about $13,000.  The second electrician said they weren't THAT bad, and put in a fix.  We''ll see which one was correct.....

Since there was an electric problem, LMUD turned the power off and needed an inspection to reconnect.  The temps in Susanville were in the low teens at that time, so Dave had the house winterized so he didn't loose pipes in the cold.  When the power was back on, he had the water turned back on, and he blew the faucet in the kitchen.  He got that fixed, and then the monitor heater didn't work anymore.  

He was supposed to get that replaced on Monday.  Monday morning, he sent me a text that the pellet stove at Mom's place wasn't working anymore either......

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