Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Finished!  I put the last border on my "Farm Girl" quilt last weekend - just in time to start the new year's club.  This quilt was a 'row a month' as part of the quilt club.  For 8 months, we got fabric for one row of blocks - we got to choose which fabric we used for which block, which made for some interesting choices by me.....I still need help with color combos - with the last two months the flying geese and borders.  I do like making blocks, and this one had a lot of fun blocks!  Even the flying geese weren't too bad - I started them early in the project and made a few each time I sewed.  Much better than making 106 of them all at one time!

This next year, we will be making projects from Kim Diehl's Simple Christmas Tidings.  This quarter, we are making a snowman wall hanging.  It has lots of applique - not my normal, so...on to learning new and exciting things!!!

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