Sunday, December 18, 2016

The annual Christmas party for the bank was last night, and both Ralph and I got all dressed up!!!  I took Ralph shopping earlier in the week and got him new dress slacks, 2 new shirts, black socks, and a new Christmas tie!  Doesn't he look fancy!

We tried to get Alli in the photo with us, but she didn't want to play....

The view from the venue yesterday morning (I was on set-up crew, so was at the country club in the morning, putting up tables and table decorations....and I managed to win one of the table decorations!)  They have one of the best views in Redding.

I managed to get grocery bags finished for the ladies in my department.  They are easy to make, and fold up to fit in your purse.


But are a nice size when opened up for groceries.  Now that shopping bags aren't free at the grocery stores, I find myself using my bags a lot more.  I've always thought of myself as using them pretty regularly, but now......I always try to have one with me!

I also made tree ornaments for the department - not the best, but not bad either......

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