Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I've been playing with filters on photos....getting cool photos! Here's the original (okay - slightly enhanced already) of some leaves at the Sundial Bridge, and then a couple of different filers.  I love the bottom one - it looks like a painting now!

Monday night, I got a text from a coworker - a photo of one of the 'messy-bun hats' that's making their way through the interwebs....her granddaughter found this - can I make one?  In light grey?  A couple of google searches later, I had a pattern, and plenty of yarn choices in my stash.  Here's a link to the pattern I used.  It just took an evening to make, but I forgot to take a picture! I dropped it off at work yesterday, and it turns out that the co-worker's granddaughter had actually sent me the text requesting the hat (grandmother wasn't sure how to send me a picture....).  If it isn't what she wants, I told them to just send me another picture!

I also finished up two sweater/hat set for a co-worker....

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