Monday, October 10, 2016

Cat for sale, cheap!!!!  Someone seems to be enjoying my yarns way too much.  This is the second skein in a week that has fallen victim to their attack.  

The first was a skein I picked up in Crescent City to make a thank-you gift for Dawn for watching Alli for us for the weekend.  It was a true skein, and needed to be wound into a ball, but before I got around to it....someone else decided to play with it.  Since it hadn't been wound yet, I can't untangle it.....and trust me, I tried.  

This one was already wound into a cake, so I can still use the yarn, but still......really?  These cats are 6 years old!  They are not kittens to be cutely playing with my yarn!  

The good news is, I guess, that Indy feels better than he used to. There has been a time, fairly recently, that he didn't play at all.  He's still sleeping a lot, but when he's awake, watch your yarn!!!

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