Friday, September 30, 2016

Ralph and I took off on an adventure last weekend, and I'm just now getting caught up enough to post pictures!  It's been a busy week.  I had hurt my back the weekend before, and then managed to trip and fall while in Crescent City, which hurt my back again, and my shoulder, and still had all the 'normal' stuff to do for both weekends around the house when we got back.  I did get the lawn mowed and the house cleaned (did I mention that my house-cleaner fell and hurt her elbow the week before, so can't clean for a while???), laundry done, etc.  Just no blogging.  

I won't have enough time today to post all the pictures either.  The RAV is due in to the shop for new brakes this morning at 7:00.  It was actually due there yesterday, but....the battery died, so it had a date with the tow truck instead.  It's been an expensive week as well as a long week.....

Here's Ralph and I taking off last Friday in the new car!!!

The weather was cool and overcast - just a sprinkle or two of rain when we got there.

I love the location of the hotel (right on South Beach) but the color combination in the room was a bit odd.  They are doing a lot of renovating - a little at a time I think.  The bathroom was updated, etc., now they just need to loos the carpeting.

Friday, we just kind of hung out on the beach, ate some lunch at a little Mexican place (and it was little! - but the food was great!).  For dinner, we ate on an outside patio that was protected from the wind and over looked the beach.  The food was great (coconut shrimp for me...)

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