Monday, August 08, 2016

Ralph got me a new present last Friday - a battery powered leaf blower.  (The old old is a backpack gas powered blower, and I have issues getting it started.)  I put it to good use this weekend!  Here's the pile of leaves from the front yard:

And the front yard after the leaves were removed - most of the leaves came out of the rock areas, so the yard itself didn't look too bad.  I also discovered that the yard was bone-dry - the timer on our sprinklers had an issue.  Not a good thing for August in Redding!

started a new quilt this weekend, too - I found out Friday that a friend that was in our original book club group is pregnant. Unfortunately for me, she's due in a month!  Oh well, baby gifts can be late, right??  And I may be a bit slower than usual - I had some help....

 Here's what Indy was sitting on - it's about a quarter of the quilt:

I would have put it up on my design board, but it's already full!

This is about half of a quilt I'm working on - I need to get busy and finish....and get some actually quilted, too.

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