Saturday, August 06, 2016

Another first for me - using Ralph's grill!  Ralph has started attending some AA meetings at night, and he needs to leave before I get dinner ready, so....I get to BBQ on those nights!  After careful instructions from Ralph, I ignored them all, because nothing he told me said anything about this:

The grill was a bit warm for dinner was even further delayed, but delicious when done!  Margene was down, and she finished up the veggies while I cooked the steaks.  Yum!!!

I had a conference last week in Los Angeles, and a co-worker and I took advantage of a shuttle to the beach from the hotel.  For $5, we had round trip tickets to Manhattan Beach!  

The hotel was under construction, which made the actual conference 'interesting' - jack hammers hammering during the presentations.....but it meant that the rooms were bright and fresh and brand new!  The staff was also great.  The construction was not in the area of the rooms, so I only heard it during the actual conference.

Manhattan Beach was amazing - the weather was great - low 70's, everything was clean and bright and amazing.....

We walked out on the pier

The area has a competition volleyball area that was just a bit south of where we were - we saw it while driving up, but they had a ton of courts set up where we were too.

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