Sunday, June 12, 2016

So I haven't posted in two weeks, now.  Sorry - I was busy!!!!  Anymore, my computer time is only in the early mornings - when Alli gets up before 5:00, and she's been sleeping in until 5:15 or so, which is wonderful, but....I don't get up in time to spend much time on the computer.  So...I'm behind!

I spent last weekend with company visiting.  Dawn came up and spent the weekend - which was a lot of fun, but...she's an early bird like me, so we spent the morning talking instead of me updating the blog.  (I'd take the morning chat any day!!)

I did take some time while Dawn was here to help Margene clear out her garden area and get her garden in.  I tackled the blackberry vines that had grown up in her grapes and pretty much any area they could....nasty things!  Margene was able to pick a couple of cups of berries off the vines that are growing where they are supposed to be growing - I think they are actually loganberries, rather than blackberries back there.  She wouldn't let me get close with my shears......

We managed to get her back area under control, and she got her garden in, finally.  She was doing things like messing with the irrigation system and planting - I was providing the grunt work - pulling, chopping, etc.

Alli got her hair cut - it was getting past her shoulders and in her eyes.  This is such a cute cut!

Margene and I took the RV to Hat Creek on Friday.  Margene is convinced she can turn me into a fisherwoman.  I'm not convinced, but the camping was fun!

Margene caught her limit Friday afternoon after we got in and got camp set up.  I had brought some steaks as a back up plan, so we had steak, fresh-caught trout, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob - all roasted either over the camp fire or on the brand new little baby Weber I got for the RV.  Everything but the steaks were perfect, and they were just a bit over-done (my fault - I thought they were done, but didn't take them off right then, and got side-tracked....)

Here's Margene's fishing spot.  Just under the bridge at Cave Campground.  Hat Creek is really full - her fishing spot from last year is underwater.  (It was pretty much in the center of the picture.)

Here's may favorite rock - and this year it still has water running all around it.  Last year, it was bone-dry there.

My view from my fishing spot - I managed to snag my line relatively quickly, and broke off the leader, so....I went back to camp and read.

This was the view from our campsite (at least one direction.  One direction had two tree stumps that were out of the ground - remnants of the big wind storm a year ago, I think.

Here's one of our camp visitors.  The caution tape is around the above-mentioned tree stumps, not for the chipmunk.

If you look closely into the water, you can see the trout......the water was so clear that I could see them just swimming around and ignoring my bait.

While Margene was fishing (and catching!) I went for a short hike along the creek - lots of wildflowers were blooming.

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