Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dawn came up for a short visit last week - unfortunately for her - it turned into a longer visit.  While she was here, her apartment had the power shut down to it.  Not a good thing for Fresno in the summer.  She decided to hang with us a few extra days.....and I don't blame her!  While she was here, I had a couple of days of vacation scheduled, so we took a road trip through Lassen Park.  They opened the road through just recently.  The lakes at the top (Helen and Emerald) are still covered in ice, and most of the parking lots are not cleared of snow - awesome!

My main objective was a walk around Manzanita Lake.  This is the best time.....the babies are out!  

If you wonder why the babies were all hanging out at the edge of the lake - check out all the minnows here....

When Dawn and I got out of the car at the lake, we saw two young boys go running up to their (assumed) dad.  "Guess what!  There's an eagle over there, there's an eagle over there!  We were next. They came running up to us to tell us there was an eagle at the lake.  One of the boys followed us for a bit on our walk telling us all about it.    We did eventually run across the eagle.  He spent part of the time flying overhead with his signature screech,  Once again...Awesome!

My favorite shot of the day....

The stellar jays were out as well.  They are so handsome!  (but noisy!)

This guy decided to join us for lunch, hoping for a few handouts, I think.

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