Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yesterday was Ralph's birthday - he's 62!!!!  He got the best birthday present from Margene - she came down and cooked liver and onions for him (Alli and I had something else......)  She treated him royally - grass fed bison liver, organic onions and mushrooms.  I fixed the sides for them - rice and green beans with mushrooms, and then left the to enjoy their liver.  After dinner, we watched Divergent - Ralph just finished reading the books.  Margene left us the next movie in the series  - Allegiant.  We'll try to watch that this week too.

While they were eating, and during the movie, I finished up a crochet project and most of another - not bad!  Lisa has requested a red headband with a heart on it for Valentine's Day - she wants to wear it at work at the Casino.  I had her look at a few pictures I put on Pinterest for what she was looking form, and Here's what I finished up last night.

The beginning and ending of it is the the adjustable "Baby It's Cold Outside" headband pattern from awholelottaknotting.com found here.  Then I just did a double crochet for the main part.  I think I'm going to put the hearts on a pin so she can pin them wherever she wants to on the headband.  I still needs a button too.

Then, rather than go dig through my buttons during the movie, I grabbed some yarn and started this baby hat.    This will be a snowman hat from Repeat Crafter Me - here is the link to her pattern.

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