Monday, January 04, 2016

I got the best Christmas/New Year's present.  I put up a bird feeder in the front yard a week or so before Christmas, and Christmas day, the birds finally found it.  At first, it was just the seed on the right being eaten, but on Saturday, the finches moved in.  I was out learning my first new skill of the year (running the leaf blower - look at me go!).  When I finished in this area, AJ and I noticed the birds were just flocking to the seed bag.  Cool!

The photo is a test of the new i-phone camera - not too bad!

Here's some of the new yarn I got for glove edging.  It works up very nicely, and the colors are great!

Here's a photo from the neighbor's party for 'the boys'.  Four of the boys lived in our neighborhood and played together fairly randomly.  Alex, back left to right, David (went to high school with Dallas, and his parents were Allison's daycare providers) Dallas, Spencer (lived across the street from Dallas) and Jonathon (in front - he lived down the hill from out neighborhood - he and his sister went to the same daycare as Alex and Allison when Alex was in 1st or 2nd grade...)

They're all grown up now - 2 are in college, 2 are in the military, and one works full time - managing two Dutch Bro stores, and one is married.  It was amazing that they were able to all get together at the same time.  I know AJ spent quite a bit of time at Spencer's and Dallas's growing up, and the other boys did a lot together over the years as well.

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