Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The first full day of vacation wasn't as productive as I would have liked, but.....I got the quilt block done for the Ooh Rah! quilt! I also went shopping with Alex, cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and various other chores around the house.  Here are the 4 blocks I've received so far:

The one on the bottom right is the one I made yesterday. The stars have inset seams, and this was the first time I've tried that.  The pattern doesn't have a lot of instructions - it assumes you know how to quilt - and I thought I was getting the hang of it.  I think it turned out okay - the points aren't as precise and I would have liked, but it is a busy quilt, so in the end, it won't be too obvious. Here's a picture of the completed quilt....you shouldn't notice that my points aren't exact.

The plan for today is a kayak trip with Ralph, shopping for camping tomorrow, and getting the house set up for a baby sitter for Allison while Ralph and I go camping.  One of the aides in Alli's class is staying overnight with her, and I need to stock up on snacks and an easy-to-fix dinner for them.  I also need to update my directions for taking care of Alli.  Somewhere in between, maybe a little more sewing or crocheting (and a baseball game to watch, scouts to go to, etc.)

Tomorrow, Ralph, Margene and I are heading up to Hat Creek camping.  Margene will be joining us in the afternoon, stay overnight and go fishing with Ralph (thank goodness- I hate to fish!!!)

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