Monday, October 26, 2015

Seriously?  It's bad enough that they ARE under construction, and move everything so often that the people that work there don't know where anything is, but this too????  The sign over FoodMaxx:

Margene and I got back from kayaking on Saturday, and AJ asked if I was ready to start on the garage.  I told him yes, but I had to do a quick trip down to Anderson to pick up some pants I had ordered at Dress Barn first, then we could start.  We had a quick chat about what I wanted to do, and I took off for Anderson......when I got back (Okay, yes, I did more shopping while I was there, so it wasn't THAT quick a trip....cute dress and 2 sweaters later) here's what I found in my garage:

Now, here was the stack outside that needs to be sorted, so there is still work to do, but what a change!  That stack went back into the garage, but Ralph promised to start work on going through things to see what should be tossed, what should be sold, and what should be kept.  (I'm hoping most goes in the sold or tossed pile, but we'll see.)

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