Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Alex and I took Mom's RV out for a test drive this last weekend, and went camping with the scouts.  I loved the RV - glamping is a lot more fun than camping! It will be even better next time, now that we know a bit more about the RV!  (I found the instruction book after we'd been set up for a while.)  One of the other scout leaders has a very similar RV, so he helped us get set up sans instructions.

The scouts clearing off their campsite prior to putting up tents.

We camped up at Cassel - a PG&E campground outside of Burney.  They had a canal that from what I heard is stocked frequently, and runs into Baum Lake, and then Hat Creek and on to Lake Britton.

One group of scouts spent as much time as they could fishing - though some of those were actually looking for crawdads rather than fish,,,,,

Some just hung out at the canal with us rather than at camp. AJ and I took a group of 4 fishing,

I had a visitor (blue jay) in the tree above us while we waited.

We took a short hike down to Baum Lake Sunday morning.

Baum Lake

A pelican out on the lake.

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