Sunday, July 12, 2015

I made a flying trip up to Susanville yesterday - contractor in tow.  Chris Fisher graciously offered to go up with me to check out the condition of the house (he also checked out the roofing contractor to make sure he knew what he was doing).  Dave had said that we have black mold in the bathroom from a leak around the tub.  Luckily, it isn't black mold - it just needs to be cleaned up, bleached, repainted, etc.  I also met with a real estate agent and the roofing contractor.  The agent gave me an idea of the value of the property and things that may need to be fixed before we put it on the market.  One big step forward.  The roof repair will start in a couple of weeks, and I have a laundry list of things to get done around the house.  Some I can do (declutter the rooms so they look bigger, less like Mom) and others I will be hiring out - painting and hauling off crap. Not as much as I thought there would be, but more than I hoped.

I made a walk through Mom's flower garden - it seriously needs to be weeded!  I also brought home a large load of pretty rocks.  Dave will be downsizing his rock collection, so he donated a few to me (and one to Chris - I'm amazed that he only got one....)

Here is another picture of the quilt that I'm working on - this is up on the wall at the quilt store.

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