Friday, June 26, 2015

The temp in my car.....

I don't know what the official high was yesterday, but it was hot!  We are forecast for 111-114, depending on where you look, today as well.

Still no movement of Mom's funds.  I'll put in another call this morning, and then 'stop by' the bank if I don't hear back again. Unfortunately, I've been really busy at work, so haven't made the time to follow up like I should have.  Darn.

I have made some progress on my quilts lately!  I pulled out the civil way quilt and fixed what I did wrong (the reason it was sulking in the corner) and am now ready to sew on the border(s).  I have the house quilt done as much as I have material for - that's on my to-do list as well today.  I need to pick up fabric for a wide border on it.  And, I have the 20 blocks for the new quilt done!  Whew!   That quilt is "Aunt Grace Simple Sampler Block of the Month' quilt.

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