Friday, June 19, 2015

Another fail.....yesterday I tried (again) to get access to Mom's bank account.  I drove to Arbuckle and Ft. Bragg over the weekend to get signatures on the affidavit that the attorney prepared, and Dave mailed me his signature, saving me a trip to Susanville.  I went in to the bank yesterday, and the only way I can have funds is if all 4 of us beneficiaries that signed the affidavit are at the same bank at the same time, and then they will cut us each an individual check for 25% of the monies.   Really.  The CSR was great about it, and the next thing 'we' are going to try is for me to change the affidavit and put it all in my name and perjure myself saying I am the sole beneficiary.  Then I can get the check, and put it into an account in the name of the Trust.  That action has to be approved by his manager (since I took in one affidavit already) and she is out until Tuesday.  If that doesn't work......I'm calling a different attorney.

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