Sunday, May 17, 2015

I've been bad about blogging again.  I want to do better - now to find a way to motivate myself to dedicate the time!  

Mom's services went well, I think.  Things went pretty much according to plan - but next time (if there is one!) I need to factor in the alcohol factor.  I thought that one brother might drink too much while we were there - and he did, but I didn't count on the attendees at the services as having imbibed a bit too much (considering the services were at 11:00.....)  All in all, I think Mom would have been proud of the service and the things that were said about her.

A few photos from her flower garden.....

My garden is doing nicely - I have little baby tomatoes, and I HAD a yellow zucchini big enough to eat.  Ralph took this away from Luna yesterday:

I was saving it for dinner tonight - salmon, rice, and fresh zucchini with mushrooms.  We can still have the fish and rice, but I'm rethinking the veggie dish.  On my agenda today - wrap the garden boxes in chicken wire!

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