Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!!!

I decided to push my luck with the garden this year, since it has been so mild, and plant early.  The locals say not to plant until after April 20th (I've also heard the 15th, but I lost my garden one year on the 19th......) but I decided to go ahead and plant this year.  The main reason was that Turtle Bay had their 30% off sale yesterday at their nursery, and they have some great heirloom tomatoes that I like to try.

I should have waited.  It wasn't that we got a freeze and I lost the plants, but rather I had help.  I brought home the plants from the nursery, and decided that if I was going to plant them, I might as well put everything in at once, so went over to the local nursery for cucumber and zucchini plants.  While I was gone, Luna picked up every single plant I had brought home (and placed on the table, supposedly out of her reach)  and carried out in the yard, and then dumped them - all in a nice little line about 2 feet apart.  Most had little or no dirt around the roots after she finished with them, but the stems weren't broken, so....maybe they'll make it.

Allison had a psychiatric evaluation yesterday.  On Friday, the attorney for her Conservatorship called, and asked if we had the evaluation yet - her court date was April 20th, and that had to be done first.  I had obviously misunderstood Allison's Case Worker last year - I thought that she had told me that all I need to do was let her know when I started the process, and she would order the evaluation.  Since it hadn't been done, I therefore thought that it was something that maybe the court ordered to be done after the case was filed....what do I know about this stuff???  Instant panic mode.  Alli's Case Worker was great though - she called me, figured out that I was confused (which didn't take her long at all), made a phone call, and within 10 minutes of our conversation, the Psychologist was on the phone, and we had an appointment for the following day.   Whew!

The evaluation for Alli turned out to be a bust though - she didn't want to play with the strange man and his blocks.  She wanted to watch Pokemon, nap, or maybe have a snack.  She really didn't want to play with him,  Ralph and I filled out paperwork on her (can she tie her shoes, brush her teeth, feed herself, etc.).  I don't think the Psychologist is going to recommend she not be put in a conservatorship, so it's all good.

Alex spent the weekend at an "ATV/Survival Park" - whatever that would be.  I did get him to send me some pictures.  He is also going to send me a video of the Paint Ball Games (the Survival part of the ATV/Survival Park??).

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