Saturday, March 21, 2015

One more afghan block done (sorry it's sideways - I didn't notice until I uploaded it, and then didn't bother to take another picture)  That takes me to 3 finished blocks (out of at least 12 - yikes!!!) We a planning a baby shower on 4/23 - I may not get it done!  I think that I'm going to concentrate of some little project for her (booties,etc.) and then if I get this finished, great.  If not, I still have the quilt and the baby bag that I should have done by then.....

Today is day 9 for Ralph!  We got word yesterday that State Disability has once again reinstated his temporary disability.  They keep starting and stopping it, so I never know if or when he's gong to get paid - not my idea of a good time (it's been three weeks since his last check).  We had also gotten a letter stating that we hadn't paid the medical insurance bill, so they were going to cancel that effective 12/20.  Also not a good time, especially since they had cashed the check....and that he hasn't gotten any disability checks.   But yesterday he spoke with Social Security, and hopefully by next week he will find out if he is approved for permanent disability.  Then we get to start all over - changing insurance over to my work insurance, who do we have to pay back, etc.  The fun never ends around here.

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