Sunday, March 01, 2015

I just checked in with AJ - he's settled back in his dorm and school starts this week.  He only has classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this semester.  Hopefully that means he can do some travelling.

Allison has been having extreme outbursts lately (screaming, hitting, spitting, etc.)  and we've been trying to get a handle on them.  It seems that she can't handle any frustration now - if she wants something and we don't 'get it' quickly, she is in rampage mode.  One bright side?  Yesterday, I kept repeating "I don't understand, show me", and eventually, she first picked up a DVD (I assumed she meant she wanted a  new movie) and then another time, she led me over to the remote controls that we use for the 'big' TV - the one that has Netflix on it and she can watch two movies at once.  Something worked, because she did not escalate into a major issue.  I don't know if it was because I figured out what she wanted, or it was just because she felt like she had a choice......who knows??  I just hope it continues to build into a reliable communication method.

My commitment to Curves isn't as strong as I would like, but better than I hoped.  I would like to go three times a week, but have only made it twice a week since joining.  I missed one day sick, and I missed one day taking AJ to the airport.   (Yes, I could have gone in when I got back, and I should have.....)  But, I have gone twice a week - good for me!  I made up for the missing day by being pretty active on the weekend.  I played with the pool yesterday - cleaning the filters all by myself!  (Well, except for the one step I forgot when I tried to prime the pump, but.....)  Today is lawn mowing day - after I go get gas, which will be after I finish the laundry.....but I'll get there.  I may not be losing weight, but I am definitely more active - which is my primary goal (though weight loss would be nice too!)

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