Sunday, February 01, 2015

I did find a light green bedspread that matches the quilt!  I think if I keep the quilt at the base of the bed, I can still enjoy it, and not worry as much about it being ruined by the animals.

I added a new skill to my repertoire yesterday - I learned how to clean the filters on the pool.  The pool had become a pond - green and yucky - over the winter, so yesterday was 'cleaning day' outside.  AJ and his buddy Jeff made 3 dump runs with green waste for me (and still have a few more to go - cleaning up for the solar panel removal created a huge pile, as did all of the wind storms that we had.) and I cleaned out my rose area and then tackled the pool.  My ankle is killing me today (and kept me awake part of the night) but it looks so much better out there!!! Definitely worth it!  My new goal is to keep the pool up now instead of letting it get so bad.

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